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Mad Dog talking about Billy Beane and his famous ilk, “sabermetricians.” kept calling them “sabermathematicians”.


Classic: Letterman ’09 – Yankee Payroll “Exuberant”

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In a segment on David Letterman’s late night show on 10/14/09, Mad Dog was talking about the Yankees and their payroll and that in the 1990s it was not as “exuberant” as it is now.

Letterman calls him out on it: “I think instead of exuberant, perhaps exorbitant.”  To which Dog says, “I don’t get these words…”

Starts around the 3:25 mark.

Rasheed Lewis

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While discussing the NBA Labor discussion situation on Wednesday’s show, Mad Dog talked about the guy who would be the second highest-paid player in the league next season, Rashard Lewis.  In true fashion, he called him “Rasheed Lewis”.

Mad Dog made a mash-up: "Rasheed Lewis"

Great article on Rashard on

Also, while looking up some stuff on Rashard, saw a gossip item about him and LeBron James that I hadn’t heard.  Won’t publish it but you can search it.

Erik Markakis

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while talking about the fluid situation of his morning show, Chris remarked that it is truly missing former host Gary Williams, who left for a golf morning show with Erik Kuselias. Called him Erik Markakis, classic butcher mashup with Nick Markakis.

So you think you can dance?

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A Mad Dog original, and a classic:

Angie Crumpler

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Chris Mad Dog Russo kicked off the 9/13/11 show talking about the previous night’s football action.  He also kicked off his first malapropism of the day, calling New England Patriot Alge Crumpler “Angie Crumpler.”

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